UPDATE AUGUST 2018: This video highlights the addition of one new fawn found in late July by the Laramie County Conservation District crew. The LCCD is following a GPS collared doe, Jane Doe, during a two-year study with Central High School. This study helps students understand the movements of deer within an urban setting and contrasts it with large scale migrations of those wild herds in the rest of our home state. While this doe has added to the Cheyenne population, the district will search for more fawns over the next couple of months. Keep your eyes open for more videos and check in each Monday on the LCCD website for the latest locations of the herd.
Students at Cheyenne’s Central High School are tracking GPS-collared mule deer to learn about migration.  A grant from our Southeast Wyoming MFF chapter paid for two GPS collars to help students in Teacher Kim Parfitt’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science class learn about mule deer migration.  In mid-January, wildlife biologists tranquilized a mule deer doe near the center of town and fitted it with a collar.  A second mule deer will soon be collared to give the students additional data.  Satellite data from the GPS collars will reveal six locations per day for each deer over the next two years.  The Laramie County Conservation District and the University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Citizen’s Science Initiative are assisting with the project.  Citizens can see where the deer go and learn more about the project clicking HERECheck out the Facebook video featuring the first deer tranquilized.


70% of the funds raised at our annual local banquet stays in Southeast Wyoming.
(Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Niobrara, Platte, Goshen and Weston Counties)

Thanks to gracious donors and fantastic banquet attendees, we’ve allocated $213,569 within SE Wyoming – with 10% going toward local youth hunting programs!

  • $25,500 WGFD/UW Cooperative Research Unit, Baggs, WY, Mule Deer Migration Study
  • $20,000 Sheep Mountain GPS Migration Study
  • $12,140 Wildlife Crossing Signs
  • $11,500 UW Cooperative Research Unit Chokecherry Project
  • $10,000 Sheep Mountain Cheat Grass Spraying
  • $10,000 Barrett Ridge Conifer Project
  • $8,000 Wick and Forbes WHMA Conifer Cutting
  • $8,000 Barrett Ridge Conifer Encroachment Vegetation Treatments
  • $7,500 Holy Pursuit Youth Program
  • $7,500 Barrett Ridge, Big Creek, Methodist Creek Transitional Range Habitat Treatment on BLM Land
  • $7,000 Curt Gowdy Cheat Grass Spraying
  • $6,600 Tree Windbreak Planting
  • $6,000 Sheep Mountain Big Game Refuge Critical Fawning and Transitional Range Protection on USFS Land
  • $5,000 Britania Cheat Grass Spraying
  • $5,000 Wyoming Migration Initiative Conservation Education Project
  • $5,000 Pennock Mountain Transitional Food Plot and Cheat Grass Treatment on WGFD Land
  • $5,000 Big Creek Transitional Range and Aspen Treatment
  • $5,000 Sheep Mountain Transitional Range Food Plot
  • $5,000 Baggs Deer Trapping
  • $4,000 Laramie 4-H 3D Archery Targets
  • $3,500 Platte Valley Riparian Restoration
  • $3,000 Forbes/Sheep Mountain Fencing/Interseeding
  • $3,000 Laramie County Conservation District Deer Trapping
  • $2,500 Ferris Mountain Burn
  • $2,500 Habitat protection on USFS land
  • $2,300 Family Fun Shooting Day with Pheasants Forever
  • $2,000 Snowy Range Road Reclamation
  • $2,000 Laramie County 4-H Shooting Sports
  • $2,000 Boy Scouts Camping and Fishing Gear
  • $1,500 Sierra Madre Riparian Restoration
  • $1,500 Cheyenne 4-H Shooting Sports Orion Scoring Systems
  • $1,500 Albin 4-H Shooting Sports Portable Ranges
  • $1,500 Laramie County Public Land Food Plots
  • $1,500 Next Generation Pathfinder Project
  • $1,488 Niobrara County 4-H Shooting Sports
  • $1,441 Laramie County Conservation District Food Plot Experiment
  • $1,000 Pathfinder Youth Project
  • $1,000 Alta Vista Archery Club Nationals Competition Sponsor
  • $1,000 Wyoming State Youth Hunter Education Challenge
  • $800 Public Land Riparian Vegetative Establishment and Enhancement Project
  • $600 Cheyenne 4-H Shooting Sports Muzzleloader
  • $500 Albany County 4-H Survival Education Project
  • $500 Boy Scout Scholarship for Outdoor Camp
  • $500 Radio Ad for Wildlife License Plate Bill (HB 39, 2018)
  • $400 Cheyenne 4-H Shooting Sports Air Rifle
  • $300 Triumph High School Outdoor Living Class Shooting Day